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Thanksgiving?  Most of the world is unfamiliar with this traditional American holiday.  Canada, Liberia, some Caribbean islands, Germany, and Japan also celebrate it during the year.  The holiday is pretty much unknown elsewhere.The accepted meaning of Thanksgiving is generally to express gratitu...
My wife and I enjoy the outdoors and exploring the many beautiful places to see in Oregon.  As we get older, the thought of putting up a tent and setting up camp gets less enticing.  Especially when the best campsites in popular locations need to be reserved many months in advance, not knowing wh...
 If you enjoy having a lakeside public park all to yourself, Shorelane Park on the northern edge of Fern Ridge Reservoir is the place to go.  The small park in Lane County, Oregon is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and located at the dead end of a rural residential road.  Most locals are u...
BOOM!  The sound of the explosion shattered the silent night and jolted the soldiers awake from a sound sleep.  BOOM!  "We're under fire!"  The now wide-awake soldiers scrambled to their posts.  Machine gunners raced to the beach to help repel a possible invasion.It was the night of June 21, 1942...
Eight miles northeast of Brookings, Oregon near the southern Oregon Coast and the California border, you'll find a peaceful retreat from the world at Alfred A. Loeb State Park.  It's nestled in a myrtlewood grove with some trees well over 200 years old.  The Chetco River flows along the southeast...
The Friendship Foundation for International Students homestay program matches University of Oregon international students with local community volunteers for a short-term homestay when the student first arrives in Lane County. Volunteers open their hearts and home to young adults far from home, h...
What we do every day makes a difference in our clients' livesWe have an opportunity in the real estate industry to materially improve people's quality of life by helping them to purchase a home of their own.  It takes a team of professionals working together to make that happen.  Some transaction...
Western Oregon is known for its "liquid sunshine", bringing moisture that turns the countryside an emerald green in the spring.  Residents perpetuate that image in the hopes that people are disuaded from moving here.  Their hopes continue to be dashed as Oregon continues to have one of the larges...
Eugene, Oregon is a great base from which to enjoy the outdoors. Drive in any direction and you can experience beautiful scenery.  Residents and visitors are an hour's drive west to the Oregon Coast or an hour's drive east to the Cascade Mountains.  Rivers, waterfalls, old-growth forests, covered...
International students aren’t the only ones who are nervous about traveling so far from their familiar home and culture to study at the University of Oregon.  Their parents also worry, since they are too distant to be able to quickly lend help and support should their child encounter difficulties...

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