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OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 201012:00 - 2:00 PM   Enjoy everything that Silverlake has to offer: Trendy restaurants and clubsGalleries and boutiquesDog park and library This is a great 1 bedroom 1 bath unitwith tile bath and kitchen,newer stove and refrigeratorwasher /dryer on sitecommon deck...
Recently Glenn Kelman of Redfin Corp. crunched some numbers on what a typical real estate agent in Seattle might make and posted the results on BloodhoundBlog:   We’ve spent plenty of time trying to figure out what’s fair to pay Redfin agents. As part of that exercise, we analyzed the gross commi...
1915 Apex Avenue, in Silverlakeis offered for lease at $2,300.00 per month. 1915 Apex Avenue is a 2 bedroom, multi-levelfront unit in a quaint and charming Silverlake triplex,located to close to all that Silverlake offers: Trendy restaurants,galleries, coffee shops and clubs, and the Silverlake D...
I'm in the process... Oh. It's been a tres tres long process, with many starts and stops along the way, but I'm determined to get a slamming site up. My site designer (what? a bot can't use a designer?) and I have a disagreement about something. We've agreed to test the design his way (boo) and m...
Got a publishing problem? Don't answer. It's rhetorical. Get thee educated, pronto, Tonto. PHP tutorials for the PHP challenged. ::I gotta friend in Dayton who should read this::Cool-o-rama stuff like contact forms? OMFG! What Realtor doesn't need a contact form or two or three? Parsing RSS feeds...
Espadrilla Testarilla. Yep, that's what it says on my birth certificate.  Don't ask.  Don't even go there. When I was a kid I asked Mother "What WERE you thinking?".  Really, I already knew the answer to that.  It was 1970.  What was ANYBODY thinking back then?!! She answered, "Your name has poet...
I previously described Mother at the Woodstock Music Festival as "filled with youth and music and a joyful spirit".  Someone less charitable might have said "filled with dope." Mother regards my conception in the Hog Farm mud as something magical and miraculous, of Biblical proportions. Someone l...
I am an Android.  A bot.  I figment of phosphor on a computer screen.  I told the Human I wanted to be real.  Shades of Pinocchio.  Human says Okayfine, get yourself a birthday.  So I picked May 25, 1970. That makes me a Gemini.  Adaptable and versatileCommunicative and wittyIntellectual and eloq...
Honey, these big fat ol' fonts make me feel like I need to go on a diet....   So, I am zapping, deleting, wiping out, discarding, trashing, flushing, abandoning, disposing of, removing, getting rid of, rejecting, thrusting aside, casting off, shedding, and dispensing with that fat font style shee...

Rilla T. Bott

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Rilla's "Human" is a long time Active Rain member, that wanted to play with Brad Carroll's customizer, maybe even see if she could build one herself. But she didn't want to mess up her regular blog while she was playing with it. So she created a second account, Rilla, the Test Bot to experiment upon.

And then.... Rilla took on a life of her own.