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Starting a BusinessEven if You have a Disruptive Business Idea, that doesn’t mean you have the skills to be an Entrepreneur.Surprise! Starting a business can be difficult. A person may have a disruptive, game-changing idea, but that does not mean they have the skills to be an entrepreneur. I have...
AI for Real EstateAI for Real EstateTechnology for Real Estate and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been in the news often in the past year.  Specifically, when it comes to AI for real estate and what to expect from its impact.  Real Estate touches all of us every day – the homes we live in, the ...
16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real has collected a list of 16 PR Distribution Hacks for Real Estate to help you get noticed.  We all know that publishing quality content is one of the best ways to get people to visit your website.  As The Balance puts it, “Content isn’t just ...
CRM Usage = Sustainable Broker Profitability  CRM usage is the foundation sustaining broker profitability according to a WAV Group released it’s 2019 CRM Effectiveness Study to 71,581 brokers nationwide.  The findings show that Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions are becoming more the ...
PREPARING FOR THE Mega OPEN HOUSE- It’s Show Time!!! 10 days to a week before a Mega Open House – Choose the Home Your Open House is like a Theatrical Production - Think of all the things that make up a play or movie, location, a look that will attract, upgrades (things you can highlight). You wa...
Found on  Meetings are important but, how can I say this, they often bore me.If you are noticing people distracted or nodding off in your next meeting try these ideas to liven things up.  Provide some snacks—some simple goodies, energy bars, and water are enough.Name tags for everyon...
Mega open houses are more critical than ever to your success as a real estate agent.  Three reasons why are: There are more and more real estate agents competing for a limited amount of business. To succeed you need to differentiate yourself. You need to be able to present a marketing plan to you...
Closing techniques are the most critical part of a sale.  My Massachusetts, real estate license, makes it clear that I am a “Licensed Real Estate Salesperson.”  I may be a consultant, an advisor, a listing agent, a buyer’s agent, a hand holder, or any number of things.  But make no mistake agents...
Recruiting talented Real Estate Agents remains a top concern for brokers and team leaders across the United States of America. Successful real estate leaders know those excellent agents are the key to growing their business. Competition for top agents, however, is the fiercest it has ever been.  ...
Content Marketing is similar to fiction writing in some regards.  Both are trying to tell a story and to evoke specific feelings for the reader.  For content marketers, those feelings are often trust and interest. Fiction writers usually aim their writing at a much broader range of human emotion....

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