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By Rita Danielle Steele Statistical data and end graphic provided by the ActiveRain Real Estate Network   Attention sellers: the reasons your realtor has been giving you for why your home is not selling are worth listening to. A recent realtor survey of real estate professionals has outlined the ...
May 16, 2013. Shamila and I marched into East Providence City Hall, offer package in her hands. Shamila was looking lovely and confident as always; I was about to vomit and or break into a sweat, and/or do both at the same time. We had already determined that it would be a good idea for her to do...
“We have to keep them all,” my 8-year-old self demanded. My mother, slightly exasperated and attempting to get my bedroom packed up into boxes for moving day, sighed tiredly. “You have plenty of books. And you have already read these ones.” Adamant, I informed her: “When I grow up I am going to o...
Being under contract is never dull. But one recent transaction that I was involved with highlighted one of the more concerning aspect of the home purchase process: the reliability of sellers’ disclosures.  Below are a few choice items that were missing from these particular sellers required discl...
It’s hard to conceptualize the local effects of large scale international troubles.  But the effect of faraway happenings oftentimes play into and directly influence our everyday lives here. Ignoring the bigger problems of the world may even be leaving you with a devalued investment property righ...
  Realtors well know that every Buyer approaches the home purchase process differently. Every transaction inevitably becomes a study in human behavior, and the best agents learn how to communicate effectively with every personality type. In order to get a sense of where new buyers are emotionally...
I am not ashamed to say that despite being raised in a family well respected in Massachusetts for its architectural and high-end construction building firm, I have turned up my nose at new construction since I was old enough to decipher the difference between historic hand blown glass windows and...
“Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted.” – Abraham Vergese, Cutting for Stone       For those of you who read part one of this article a few newsletters back (I love you, return readers), I thought it might be a good time to address a key factor in a...
Stigmatized property disclosures and what realtors aren't telling you. This past winter, a nearly skeletonized corpse of a man was found, gun still in hand, in a Milwaukee home. The home had recently been foreclosed on, and an unassuming realtor had the horrifying job of finding him during the in...
  “This is the one. We want to make an offer!” As a real estate broker, it is of course not unusual for me to hear these words. And while I usually have a good sense of which properties my client’s will be attracted to, I have on more than one occasion been completely thrown by some of the proper...

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