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If you are looking to purchase a home with little or nothing down and have less than perfect credit you need someone who is an expert at lending FHA Loans.  This type of financing on todays terms has a low fixed mortgage rate and can be obtained even if you have had a Bankruptcy or are currently ...
 FED'S CUT HALF A POINT!!!  Usually this means that long term rates take a hit, which we did have an intra day re-price of about .125% in rate.  With the market the way it is, it is very important if you're in the market for a refinance to a 30yr fixed that you have your application in.  If you'r...
Are you looking for the lowest mortgage rate guaranteed? Click on the link below and enter a few details about what you're looking for and I will quote you the lowest rate possible for your home loan. 30 year fixed, adjustable rate mortgages, refinance cash out, purchase, first time home buyer; w...
Be prepared the loan limits in Arizona will potentially be increased to 600k-625k so if you have a jumbo loan you will be able to refinance your jumbo loan into a conforming loan possibly saving thousands over the life of the loan.  FHA loan limits could potentially be increased to 417k so if you...
Watching the rates very closley this week as the Bond market is all over the place. Today's 30yr Fixed Mortgage is lockable at 5.625% on a loan that is under 417k and 95% Lon to value or less. that is APR as well.