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Welcome to The Kittle Team Blog Site where you can find all of the information about Fort Collins, Colorado and the other surrounding it like Loveland, Greeley, Windsor and many more.. This blog is always updated with events and happening around the City and is focused on giving you information on Fort Collins Real Estate, Fort Collins Short Sales and Fort Collins Foreclosures.
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Fort Collins Short Sales: Who is in charge during a short sale? Fort Collins CO – Many home buyers think that the short sale lender is in charge during a short sale. Nothing could be further from the truth. The short sale lender can only veto short sale offers. They can’t put the property up for ...
Tom Arstingstall has a great list of tips when hiring a contractor, some items on the list are specific for the state of California but this is very helpful when you are looking for a contractor. Visit his blog for more tips and advice about getting a contractor in California.  Top Ten Tips for H...
Fort Collins CO – If you caught the show 60 Minutes on December 18th you may have been brought up to date with how dim the housing situation may be in many areas. It’s not so much that houses aren’t necessarily selling or that buyers aren’t looking; but instead they brought to our attention an al...
Fort Collins CO – Short Sales are a situation that can often cause emotional turmoil as well as financial. It’s amazing how quick people are to judge others but times may be changing when it comes to today’s financial situations. We’re all feeling tough times. We all have seen local businesses cl...
Fort Collins CO – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from James. Here is his question. “I am upside down by $300,000 on my home. I want to move, but I am concerned about having that $300,000 debt chasing me for the rest of my life. A friend mentioned I could get it wiped...
Fort Collins CO – While most people think of realtors as a person you turn to only when you’re buying or selling a home; many don’t realize that a realtor’s expertise in the housing industry can help you in other ways also. If you are facing possible foreclosure, turning to a realtor for help may...
Fort Collins CO – What can you do if you are facing a foreclosure? One of the scariest and worse case scenarios for a homeowner is getting so far behind in your payments that foreclosure is leering around the corner. You feel as though you have let everyone, yourself included, down. You feel emb...
It Is Very Difficult To Get A Bank To Approve A Short Sale Fort Collins CO – Short sales are difficult when you do not know what you are doing. But, they aren’t as difficult as people say. Click here to discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale and avoided foreclosure. Here are the...
Fort Collins CO – Some people think that short sales represent a bargain in the real estate world. Some people have said that banks sell short sales for below market value because they want to avoid foreclosure. That isn’t true. Yes, banks do prefer to sell a property in foreclosure as a short s...

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