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One thing that drives me absolutely crazy is the fact that someone blatantly lies to me and tells me they are going to do something, and has yet to do it.  I am dealing with an agent, and I won't name names, but I can not get anything done.  They say they are turning on the utilities for the prop...
  The economy is a tough one.  Everyone is having to learn to cut back in one way or the other.  I think it is time we all begin thinking about how we are going to save a few bucks...I myself am going to start this week doing the grocery game.  I have heard that this can save you half or more on...
When I first got into rea estate, a friend of mine told me that first time homebuyers would be the hardest buyers to work with.  I thought, how could that be?  They are new to this, they will just sit back and enjoy the ride, and educate themselves as they go.  I still thought this, up until the ...
  So, I am not too much into politics and don't understand alot that goes on up on Capital Hill.  One thing though that I am trying to keep up with is the Stimulus Bill.  I want to know, is it going to help the economy?  Is it going to pull us all out of this recession?  My opinion is that maybe...

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