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I am a big advocate of education.  I have many designations and have taken many property management courses over the years in order to improve with the idea of delivering better service.  I have also taken the time to teach others which is another way to learn as the instructor has to stay ahead ...
In California a landlord can raise the rent in any amount unless they live in rent controlled community like San Francisco, Berkeley, and some others.  Most of California does not have rent control. If the amount of the increase is 10% or less, the notice need only be 30 days.  If the amount of t...
Disclaimer:  I own a large company by industry standards.  (1000+ houses from three offices) Some smaller property management companies will tell you that smaller is better.  I personally believe that each company size has it's advantages and this argument should not be part of the discussion.  S...
The fact that we have three offices puts us close to more property than most all other managemet companies, especially those with only one or no offices.  What, some companies have no office?  Yes, some property managers choose to work out of their homes to the detriment of their clients. Detrime...
1. HomePointe has three offices to serve. This fact puts us close to more property than most management companies, especially those with only one or no offices. What, some companies have no office? Yes, some people work out of their homes to the detriment of their clients. Detriment because tena...
Once a tenant has told you that they suspect mold, a prudent owner or property manager should do a few things immediately. First, find out if there is a water leak or water intrustion. Second, find out how large of an area has been detected.   Third, is there a musty smell? Let the tenant talk an...
I have noted that some banks are now contacting property managers about fixing up and renting some of their Real Estate Owned (REO) property.  I had previously thought that banks could not do this but I am finding out that it may have been that they did not want to do it, but could. Real Estate v...
Housing Now's Independant Living Assistance Program (ILAP) Emergency Utility & Rent Help Housing Now was awarded a Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) from the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA) in January 2008. This funding is being distributed from Jan.'08-Dec.'08, (while funds l...
Our 4th Quarter Residential Rental Survey is now available for Houses for Rent, Duplexes for Rent, Apartments for Rent in the greater Sacramento area. You can also access this survey at our website along with past surveys by clicking this link:
Of course, this came up during the interview of Governor Palin with Kati Couric.  I read the Wall Street Journal, the Sacramento Bee, Newsweek, the Business Journal, several trade publications including the Journal of Property Management, The Residential Resource, The Regional Housing Association...

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