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Houses for rent in Roseville are holding their own.  The average price for a three bedroom house for rent in Roseville, CA is $1448.00 with a high of $2100 and a low rent of $1195.00.  Roseville has many diverse neighborhoods, some old and some new. The average four bedroom rental house in Rosevi...
The good news is that Sacramento is no longer one of worst 25 real estate markets in the country.  For a time Sacramento ranked among the worst 5 markets.  As you can see below nine other California cities rank worse than Sacramento.  I have noted that REO listings at the bottom end are attractin...
Many newcomers to property management as well as many tenants do not understand how to prorate a rent payment.  This comes up when a new tenant moves in mid month.  Most property managers want all rents due on the first of each month, so the question becomes, how do we figure out what amount of r...
According the the Sacramento Rental Housing Association the County of Sacramento will be starting its version of a rental housing inspection program in January 2010.  The cost will be approximately one half the cost of the City of Sacramento's program and will rely on certified inspectors instead...
At HomePointe we watermark all our photographs posted online.  Why?  Because thieves are increasingly stealing content from rental sites,  including photos, changing only the contact information to their own.   By using a watermark we make it more difficult for them. We place the watermark front ...
It was noted at a local trade association meeting today that local property management companies are losing accounts as their clients get foreclosed upon.  California and Sacramento in particular has been hard hit by the forecloser crises.  It is no wonder that local property manages are scrambli...
I keep getting this request from prospective owner clients.  They want to hire a property manager but not give full control.  Like they know what they are doing..... Owners should not hire a property manager to do half the job.  Property managers should not accept clients that only want half the ...
FTB has agreed to delay implementation of its withholding requirement for property managers who manage California residential property for out-of-state owners. . FTB will instead utilize 2009 to educate management companies and other agents about this requirement and will begin to enforce the wit...
I firmlly believe that most of us (90%) are working away and waiting for the downturn to be called over.  We have all had to be creative to continue to make a living and to save money.  Many of us have been hit with losses in home equity, the stock market, and our retirement funds.  Some of us ha...
I recently made two offers on bank owned property.  In looking for property to purchase I noted that the numbers of property for sale under $100,000.00 was much less than just a few months ago.  The two properties I made offers had multiple offers and both sold quickly.  It seems that investors a...

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