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When my son was in high school I asked him if he might possibly want to consider a career in my chosen profession, property management.     As he laid on the couch he stated, "Dad, no one wants to be a property manager." After I got done laughing I took off for work and left him to his summer enj...
Of  course the answer depends.  But, the issues are many.  First, the homes going for that price or lower in the greater Sacramento area are usually going to have a lot of work needed to make them a rental.  I would venture to say that you will be likely to spend from $15-25,000 in fixup costs fo...
According to New York-based real estate research firm, Reis Inc., U.S. apartment rents fell in the first quarter and the vacancy rate rose to a five-year high as job losses and falling incomes reduced demand. Vacancies climbed to 7.2 percent from 6 percent a year earlier and 6.6 percent in the fo...
The lead article in today's Wall Street Journal says that the nation's largest mortgage companies are stepping up forclosures.  Now that the new administration has announced it's rescue plan, the moritorium on foreclosures has been lifted.   It looks like the majority of bad loans will not be res...
When I was attending UC Berkeley one of the most interesting courses I took was "History of Blacks in Film" The professor was black and was quite a character. There were over 150 people in the class and he had every persons name memorized by the third class session. He had an amazing memory and ...
I know, any property manager with more than a few years experience should hate pets.  But, then there is the real world.  My wife loves her Golden Retriever and so I tolerate it and even show some affection at various times.  I even read the Dog Whisperer.  I am the leader of my pack. Our propert...
We get asked this question all the time. I think we get asked it because many property management companies completely close down for the weekend. Many smaller companies struggle with this issue since property management work never truly takes a day or night off. Can you imagine for a moment owni...
The newest worry for property managers is that their client will go into foreclosure after the manager finds them a tenant.  Some managers are trying to figure out how to solve this problem. How in the world can you make sure someone will pay their mortgage month after month?  I cannot guarantee ...
   We are running in treacherous times right now.  Many landlords are upside down and they are looking for any scapegoat they can find.  I am sure they justifiy their methods by thinking that they got taken advantage of, so why not help themselves just a little. We had an owner that had to have t...
My wife and I got into an argument yesterday.  We decided to go for a truckers breakfast on Sunday morning with the morning paper.  We left grandma and the kids to sleep in. We both just turned 55 and this was the first time we were at a restauant that offered a 55 or over senior discount.  Our b...

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