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I am just a regular guy who really knows houses. I try to convey a sense of humor and try not to get too caught up in inspector-speak. If I come across as flippant or uncaring that's not my intent. I actually take what I do very seriously; I just don't take myself too seriously. Does that make sense?
Everything started out as usual.   Client called asking about my inspection choices, prices and qualifications.  Set the inspection for a couple days later at 5:30PM per the client's request (he didn't want to take a day off work). Began the inspection with my usual "rap" about what to expect dur...
Check out, http://www.letssaythanks.com/Home1280.html You can pick out a crayon drawing by kids (thank you card) and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services.  No personal info, email or finan...
  Kali was found in a plastic bag along with a few other kittens 10-11 years ago. My wife took in Kali (the others also found good homes). As a youngin' she used to take great joy in stalking and attacking (mostly in play) the two older cats (both gone now). She would lay in wait and at the right...
With the change of seasons, it's nearly time to change the smoke alarm batteries.  Well, the seasons and the fact that I was "advised" by the wife to start getting Christmas stuff out (UGH!).  Holidays usually consist of using electricity in ways it wasn't meant to be.  Where is that special outl...
My son just started second grade and all of the kids in his class are excited to learn to write in cursive.  Never mind the fact that he is still trying to master printing - he can't wait to get started.  The cursive begins after New Years, and we were informed that in third grade they are to wri...
With apologies to Pink Floyd. Moment of silence, please. Ok, I am AMAZED at how fast AR has grown.  I have been "Active" for around a month and have seen the membership jump from 102,000ish to 109,401 in that time.  I hope the continued growth has helped everyone meet new friends and grow their b...
Sometimes, during the course of an inspection I see things that defy logic.  Often it's homeowner "fixes" that make you scratch your head.  On occasion it's a contractor who baffles me by their workmanship (or lack thereof).  When looking at and reporting on some things, I will often refer to the...
My 7 year old convinced my wife to stay up past his bedtime tonight (I needed no convincing).  He wanted to check the Cubs score and saw that Zambrano had a no hitter in the 7th inning.  The deal was, one hit and he was off to bed.  Luckily Zambrano completed the No-No. What a thrill it was to wa...
In part III,  I said that Google pays special attention to URLs and page titles.  AR gives us some room to use this to our advantage.  Your Blog Title (What you type in the title box) becomes part of the URL AND your page title. Here is an example - A fellow inspector - I mean, Property Consultan...
The CPSC released a recall today for certain Sony VAIO Laptops.  Seems some of the internal wiring can short out and cause a burn hazzard.  The recalled notebook computer models are the VAIO VGN-TZ100 series, VGN-TZ200 series, VGN-TZ300 series and VGN-TZ2000 series. Not all units are affected, so...

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