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I am pushing every edit button, blog button, etc. I must have missed one because I cannot for the life of me find where to change my blog signature. My information is currently incorrect. I AM CURRENTLY ILLEGAL and FOR THE RECORD I am trying not to be. Could somebody please tell me where to go to...
MUTUAL EXCHANGE of VALUES   Successful business revolves around the MUTUAL EXCHANGE of VALUES. Actually, any transaction we conduct or close in life revolves around a mutual exchange of values. The other day I went to a new, recently opened driving range, Master Swing Practice Center in Smithfiel...
GUARANTEED WINNING BET Greetings! Ryan Bruzan here. One of the most neglected home maintenance items, in the humblest of my experienced opinions, is changing the air filter(s) in the furnace. The commonly stated rule is to change the filter once per month, but depending on the season and the typ...
What do you do with all the fat? Burn it! Since my last featured post drove me near the mark I was attemtping to rapidly achieve, I had to get this blog post out to hit it. But just so that my post is not generic, let me share with you some "awesomer" news. This is content from an earlier Faceboo...
Passing Bob Sokoler Becoming a REALTOR is somewhat like buying a new car. As soon as you drive it off the lot, you begin to realize that you are not the only one who drives that make and model.  As a new agent, I always hear the ads on the radio, read the reviews, see glittery lights and billboar...
Success is Not a "Me" Thing   This year I took advantage of an opportunity to change the course of my life. In doing so I determined to do my very best to become a productive part of a larger body of people, to increase the value that I deliver, not just to my own sphere of influence, but to eve...
What Else Can I Blog That's Not Already Been Blogged?(October 25, 2016. Update to the question: It really doesn't matter. My exeriences, your experiences, they are different, even if they sound the same.)Probably nothing. Or maybe everything. There was a game we used to play when we were kids tra...

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