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 During a recent home inspection in Conroe, TX I came across the access panel for the tub/shower plumbing, wanting to inspect that area I proceeded to take off the access panel only to find that it accesses nothing,just more wall. It is this kind of workmanship that fuels the need for home inspec...
Was your heater inspected for the coming colder days? like most people, I take for granted that my gas furnace is working just fine, after all it worked last season. After taking a course in green building verification I am now more aware of and interested in making sure the furnace is running mo...
New home inspections in Conroe Tx are very important and can save you allot of money and hastle. I often hear from clients how there family members and friends ask why they are having a new home inspection done on a home that is less than a year old. The answer is pretty simple when you have done...

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