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If the lenders will streamline the short sale process we can quickly rid ourselves of the toxic assets and the recovery process can start. Short sales should be better for the lenders than foreclosures. Lenders receive the cooperation of the home seller, the don't have to pay an asset manage, the...
One of my fellow real estate agents got off the phone with a bank asset manager who claimed that the property value down turn was the real estate agents fault for lowering prices. Prices are all about supply and demand. Currently in Washoe County 78% of the homes in escrow are bank owned or short...
This has been a very tough market. The home prices in Reno NV are back to 2002 pricing and the interest rates have never been better. If you are a buyer, now is the time to buy plus if you are a first time buyer take advantage of the first time $8000 tax credit (must close by December 1st, 2009)....
It is very sad to see the home lose ( ) Will the lenders start loaning again? The interest rates are to go down again but if the lenders won't loan what are home buyers suppose to do

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Moving to Northern Nevada.. Now is the time. Remember no state income tax, no inheritance tax, no corporate tax, low property tax, rights for landlords