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OK Boomer, You Don't Need 20% Down Bound to happen from time to time in the digital age, a saying goes viral --- in this case, "OK, boomer," --- which is meant to expose a close-minded or out-of-touch opinion, thought or mindset of one generation by another (I'll let you figure out the age demogr...
 I'm SUArta Back!  The FHA Spot Condo Approval Mortgage lenders that see a fair amount of FHA loans have, for the last few years, lamented the loss of the condominium "spot" approval.  This erstwhile shortcut would allow a single unit of a condo project to be eligible for an FHA loan even where t...
 How Can I Make My Home Appraise Higher? Whether buying or refinancing a home, when obtaining a mortgage it can be expected that an appraisal will be required.  I talked in a previous post about how we are able to use appraisal waivers in certain instances, but still, most residential real estate...
Qualifying for a Mortgage? Don't Step in a Large Deposit Mess By far, one of the most confounding experiences when one goes to obtain a mortgage is the sourcing of "large deposits" on a bank statement.  This is our industry's gift that keeps giving.  However, there are some ways to avoid inadvert...
The Haunted Loan Process As we wind our way closer to Halloween, I wanted to cover a few of the graveyard variety hobgoblins of the mortgage process.  You know, the things our clients don't tell us at the start and that later come back to haunt their home loan transaction like so many nightmares ...
When Are Marin County Property Tax Bills Due? As I write this in October of 2019, my very own Marin County property tax bills just arrived.  Well, allow me to reframe that.  It is widely understood that our real estate tax bills are issued "sometime in October," but when you actually receive them...
What Happens When My Appraisal Comes in Low (or High!)? You’re in the process of buying a home, and so far things have been going pretty smoothly.  Your lender has pre-approved you, your Realtor has found you the perfect home, and with a bit of luck, the seller accepted your offer and now you’re ...
Your Debt-to-Income Ratio Is High and It Will Be Alright You might have been lured into reading this blog post under the false assumption that I'd be discussing the controversial subject of financing cannabis-related businesses and property.  Well, you can let that notion go up in smoke.  Instead...
Can I Get a Mortgage If I Am Retired?   I live in an aging county.  So if you ever find yourself vacationing in the lovely city of San Francisco, give this little exercise a try:  Simply get in your Uber.  Or rent one of those death trap three-wheelers at Fisherman's Wharf.  Or bundle up take it...
Do You Need a New Appraisal When You Refinance? It's September of 2019 and interest rates are again approaching historic lows.  This means that many homeowners are considering a refinance --- and for good reasons.  If there is a hurdle for some, it's the cost and risk of getting an appraisal on t...

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