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Less Choice = Less Chance   I haven't gotten one of these e-mails (below) in a number of years.  Well, since 2008 to be precise.  Perhaps you recall where you were during real estate's protracted 9/11, a period when the housing industry was imploding and we didn't know who would be left when the...
Excuse Me?  We Already Negotiated Your Rate!   "Wait!  Who's we?  What are you talking about?  I'm the customer --- I negotiate the rate with you, the loan professional.  You don't negotiate it with someone else.  Hold on!  That's not fair!  How can you do that to me?"   OK, so that is the last ...
Going, Going, Gone:  Foreclosures in Marin   Many of us on Active Rain also make considerable efforts to be an available resource to the general press and a voice on the inner workings of real estate in our communities.  I certainly count myself in this lot, and this week my persistence paid off...
On Crossing 200,000: What It's Still About   On June 8, 2012, I was poised to crack the 100,000 code here on Active Rain and I wrote about it.  At the conclusion of my blog post, in violet below, I had a singular goal and I threw down the gauntlet --- I wanted to earn my first featured post.  Tr...
Understanding Asset Reserves   Most first-time home buyers have a fundamental grasp on the fact that they will need to come up with down payment funds in order to close their transactions. Perhaps the move-up buyer also takes into consideration the total settlement charges needed; things such as...

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