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Lock Watch for the Week of 9/3/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Short week, but some important reports throughout and an employment focus at the end. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 9/3:       Markets closed.Tues, 9/4:       PMI Mfg Index (6:45am), ISM Mfg Index and Construction Spending (7am...
Somebody Get Me a Doctor Loan! "Robert Spinosa, the doctor will see you now." "Hello Mr. Spinosa, what brings you in today?  Annual check up?" Well, actually you, Doc.  You're bringing me in today.  I hear you're trying to buy a house. "Uhhh, how did you know?" Maybe it's the aura of the student ...
Lock Watch for the Week of 8/27/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:We're getting back to business this week with auctions, GDP and enough other reports to keep things interesting. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 8/27:       2-Yr Note Auction (10am). Tues, 8/28:       International  Trade in Goo...
Buy Before Selling?  Four Sure! Four Sure! In strong sellers' markets, like the San Fernando Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area and many other areas across the country, making a contingent offer is a virtual impossibility.  That is, when a buyer must sell his current home first in order to close ...
Lock Watch for the Week of 8/20/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Kind of a quiet week ahead.  Who's up for heading to the beach one last time? Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 8/20:       Quiet. Tues, 8/21:       Quiet.   Weds, 8/22:     Existing Home Sales (7am) and FOMC (11am).   Thurs, 8/23...
Poor Richard, the First Time Home Buyer  If I've learned anything in the current political environment it's that you can't make people see things they choose not to look for.  But what about the opposite?  What happens when the truth is hard to find?  Or, better still, what if the question at han...
Lock Watch for the Week of 8/13/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:More dog days but the situation in Turkey could get interesting and it's worth keeping an eye on.  If Friday's trend continues, stocks would suffer and the US bond market would benefit.  This assumes rationality. Economicalendar (all times a...
Mortgage 911:  A Financial First Responder Takes You on Call  It must have been around 6:30pm when the call crackled in.  By the tone of the voice on the other end of the line  I could tell "the crash" had happened some time prior, but now panic and shock had officially set in and the victim/borr...
Lock Watch for the Week of 8/6/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Dog days of summer...aside from auctions mid-week and inflation readings at the end. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 8/6:       Quiet. Tues, 8/7:       JOLTS (7am) and 3-Yr Note Auction (10am).   Weds, 8/8:     10-Yr Note Auction...
Lock Watch for the Week of 7/30/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Things could get interesting with the Fed meeting, though no rate hike is expected.  Chase that with the jobs numbers on Friday --- likely a very active week. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 7/30:       Pending Home Sales (7am)....

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