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Three Ways to Get a Great Jumbo Loan for Under $20  I think I've made it clear before that I find no shame in talking about how hard we work for our clients.  My assistant, Debbie, and I see a good number of mortgage applications come across our desks every week and in 2018, 60% of them have been...
No Tax Returns, No Cry  While it never rivaled in popularity its sister reggae tune of genre-defining, historic significance, let's dust off this platter and give it a spin.  Because let's face it, in the fully-documented world of today's mortgage qualifications it would seem that if you're self-...
Lock Watch for the Week of 7/23/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:GDP at the end of the week and auctions in the middle, but let's not discount the significance of what happened with comments from the President regarding the Fed.  Bloomberg chimes in on it HERE.  Could this be our next real rate driver? Ec...
How to Get a Jumbo Mortgage After Foreclosure Fallout  When economic war ravaged the real estate market a decade ago, statistics show that peak foreclosure activity in the US occurred somewhere in 2010, but that we continued to experience an elevated level through at least 2013.  Therefore, at th...
Lock Watch for the Week of 7/16/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Not a heavy week of big reports, though we're opening lower already. With the outcome of the Russia "summit" and China's trade reaction, I guess "we'll see what happens." Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 7/16:       Retail Sales ...
I'm from the IRS and I'm Here to Help...  Yes, that's right.  The Internal Revenue Service wants to ride in like a knight in shining armor and help some of you close your home loans.  Will you be the lucky beneficiary?  Let's take a look at what, on the surface, seems to be "mission impossible." ...
Lock Watch for the Week of 7/9/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:Inflation readings mid-week and, I don't know about you, but I see trade tension escalating... Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 7/9:       Quiet. Tues, 7/10:       JOLTS (7am) and 3-Year Note auction (10am).   Weds, 7/11:     PPI ...
Can You Use Foreign Currency to Get a Mortgage?  Is your down payment coming from abroad?  Do you have a foreign bank account that you’re showing on your mortgage application?  Are you obtaining a gift from a family member in another country?  These are all questions that might come up when we’re...
Lock Watch for the Week of 7/2/2018 Volatility-O-Meter:While it may be a holiday week, there are a number of big reports, including employment on Friday.  Short staffing at trading desks could heighten bond market volatility. Economicalendar (all times are Pacific):Mon, 7/2:       PMI Manufacturi...
Go Shorty:  How to Get a Jumbo Mortgage After a Short Sale  We’re halfway through 2018 and by now, what some would describe as the “peak” of the real estate recession is almost a decade in the rear-view mirror. Still, statistics show that short sales continued to increase in number until about 20...

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