From Where I Sit: Real Estate in the Golden Corridor

Real Estate Broker/Owner - Coldwell Banker ROX Realty
A discussion of current real estate trends and issues in Arizona's Golden Corridor (Pinal County, the fast-growing area between Phoenix and Tucson, centered on Casa Grande), including day-to-day market and brokerage business concerns as well as macro-economic factors affecting the area.
We all know that these are strange times, but who knew just how strange?!  When this Great Recession started I thought that housing price declines of 25% were great – time to buy…real estate was too expensive anyway and I’ve made way more money buying real estate in bad times than in any other of...
Last spring the firm experienced a surge of (residential) business.  I told my residential REO partners and investors then that this was only partially due to tax credits but mostly the green shoots of a vibrant market, because our residential unit volume has been strong all summer. I was wrong. ...
Hey Mass Media:  bring me some of these great commercial deals you’ve been shrieking about!  I’ve been careful and prudent, sitting on my cash, waiting to buy prime commercial properties at cents on the dollar, but guess what?  There aren’t any.  I have no relatives at the FDIC, and I did not/do ...
How bad are things, really?  Well, we're all doing twice the work for half the money, but as a company we’re still nicely in the black.  And our operation is a classic one, paternal in the old-line sense:  the house pays for everything including the best bricks-and-mortar in town and lotsa signs ...

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