Many new homebuyers (and some “experienced” buyers) aren’t prepared for the challenges of buying a home.  It can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating.  Here’s a list of common considerations that can derail the process: Get loan pre-approval. Your lender can review the various loan programs with...
I’m working with a client that was surprised when he heard that offers had come in on a short sale listing above the listed price (which is not unusual for a short sale or bank owned home priced well below market). This prompted the question that’s the title of this post. He was not aware that of...
Planning is in progress for the grand opening of the Phoenix-Tempe-Mesa new light rail system. From the Valley Metro web page: The grand opening of METRO light rail is Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 27 and 28, with all train rides free. Station celebrations will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m...
There are several Tempe events planned through the holidays and into the New Year.  Here’s a run down of the most popular with links to more information: Nov. 11th, Veteran’s Day Parade - begins 10am near ASU Gammage, Mill & Apache Nov. 23rd, Ironman Arizona Nov. 29th, Fantasy of Lights Dec. 5th-...
STAR POWER® is a real estate agent education organization.  Agents can subscribe to their free scripts to deal with various sales situations.  Many of the scripts are corny, but occasionally I find one that offers sound advice, such as this one to advise a seller not to go FSBO:Click here for the...
There were 11,567 new listings in November, down from October's blip up of 14,137, and the lowest monthly increase of the year.  Click here for the full article. Copyright © 2007 Rod Rebello
I read a post by Bryant Tutas discussing perception of market data, looking at sales data for his area since 2002.  As he was inspired by another blogger, I was inspired to review data for Tempe and the metro Phoenix area.  Here’s similar data I got from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Ser...
The new light rail service for Tempe is scheduled to start in about a year.  The new service will run through the ASU campus and along Apache Blvd before heading into Mesa.  The city has already kicked off studies for extending the line further into south Tempe, where I live.  The rail as it exis...
Recently, Russell Shaw pointed out that Real Estate agents are considered by the Harris Poll to be at the bottom of the most prestigious occupations.  While you may think that those at the bottom would have low self esteem, not so according to Time Magazine which ranks Real Estate Brokers in the ...
The emotional ups and downs of being a Realtor.  On a recent sale as the buyer's agent, I met the owner agent at her now former home on closing day to pick up the keys for the new owner.  She wandered about the house for the last time, sad, on the verge of tears, leaving her family's home of 20 y...

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