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Current information about the real estate market, homes for sale, market statistics including sold data, community information and news for Lafayette and West Lafayette Indiana and surrounding communities!
We recently shared a post called Local Flavors of Lafayette taking you to some of our favorite restaurants around Lafayette Indiana!  We hope by now that you have been able to try a few of those establishments!   We also have a sweet side to us (yes, I know that may be hard to believe) and love i...
If you're anything like us we are ALWAYS looking for a GREAT place to dine with local flavors and good reviews!!  It is so disappointing to spend your hard earned money on a lousy meal.  So if you are looking for the BEST places to eat in Lafayette, here are our picks for the Top 10 Local Flavors...
In a world filled with brand after brand, the question should be asked, "Does Branding matter?". If you see golden arches, you know what restaurant you are likely headed towards. If you see a smooth and rounded looking checkmark on a pair of shoes, you know you're likely getting a solid brand of ...
I had a computer once that used an operating system that was rather out-of-date when I was a teen. I didn't have a lot of money, but computers were my hobby. So, I found an inexpensive way to get the software that would update my computer. Unfortunately, the new operating system was so large that...
Technology is always something to think about when you are looking at real estate agents. What are they doing to leverage technology to get your home sold or to find the home you are looking for. Here are 5 Advant-Edges that we offer the clients that choose to work with us.    1. Customized Home ...
AVM's Here's a little tidbit that isn't typically talked about; AVM's! The real estate industry has been blessed and hurt by these little snippets of code. But what are they? What are they intended for and what value do they bring? AVM is actually an acronym that stands for auto-valuation model. ...
Our marketing and administrative manager use to be really big into building computers. He used to know which CPU's would match up with the specific motherboards and what the requirements were for specific operating systems. If you ask him now? He'd probably have to spend a day or two educating hi...
Last week the real estate world was rocked by yet another incident of a real estate agent that had gone missing. Beverly Carter, of Arkansas, went missing after a meeting to show a house to a potential client. Beverly Carter had left the address of the property she was showing with her husband. A...
Selling a home has to be approached with a strategy in mind. It's not easy to always have the mindset that there is a strategy involved when the process can take weeks if not months. But there is a strategy to selling a home. One of the parts of the strategy includes price reductions.  Price Redu...
Status really does matter. Especially in real estate. If your status is prequalified, you have a lender who is willing to attempt to approve you for a loan, but it's not guaranteed. If you're pre-approved it means we can make an offer on a home. And if you are a cash buyer, it gives us a lot of l...

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