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People always ask me how real estate is "doing". That depends first on whether you're buying or selling, and second on what part of the country you examine. For 2010, it was "doing something". Depending on who you ask, that ranges from great to awful. Personally, I have no complaints.  Overall, p...
Everyone should be tuned in for changes to Georgia upcoming early next year. This will be the first major restructure of how we pay taxes in several decades. A committee headed by A. D. Frazier has been working on proposed changes for several months, but the exact recommendations are not widely k...
I am outraged at the recent move to pay reparations (again) to black farmers and native americans who were the "victims of discrimination" by the bureaucrats at the FDA. Shirley Sherrod, the recently fired FDA employee, received $12 million dollars in reparations. What kind of assistance could th...
It never ceases to amaze me how out of touch our government is with the voters! They want to reduce the deficit, so their suggestion is to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, which is one of the main drivers of home investment, and reduce social security benefits. Why not try reduced spend...

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