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            It has become a cliche' at this point. "Now is the time to buy!" Turn on any financial news program and at some point you’ll hear the experts extolling the virtues of diversification. Real estate, even through the market downturn, has long been considered a conservative, long-term str...
Let's face it. Most homes sell on the basis of emotion. The "warm-fuzzy", and it's not always the ladies. There are men who would live in a machine gun nest if it had a man cave, or shop, or putting green, etc. Only later do they use logic, often to rationalize their emotional decisions.         ...
When buying your new home, you may want to consider an Energy Efficient Mortgage. EEM's, formally introduced by the Federal Housing Administration in 1995, help consumers save money on utility bills by enabling them to finance the cost of energy-efficiency features for their new or existing homes...
In North Georgia, one of the greatest contributions to the real estate business was Google Earth. Before then, we had to methodically check around that lovely little country cottage our buyer loves to make sure there is no chicken coop nearby. You may be thinking about the noise a rooster makes i...
For those who claim real estate is a bad investment, I respectfully ask that you please pay attention to this. Let us make a few simple assumptions. Everyone has to live someplace. They are not creating any more real estate on this planet. Supply and demand determine value.   I ran across some in...
           There are many reasons owners wind up with a house that is just ... UGLY!            Perhaps you inherited an old house in a distant location and want to put it on the market. You may not have the time, resources or energy to make it perfect and just want a quick sale.             Or,...
This is aimed at YOU, not your neighbor or cousin. Observing the current state of the economy and real estate market, I am reminded of two things I saw on television.   One was a commercial several years ago where an “old timer” went out to the barn, pulled some hay bales off an old truck that ha...
A stressful part of putting your home on the market is trying to figure out what to fix and upgrade to get the very best price. An experienced agent will recommend projects to consider and ones to avoid. After all, just because you put money into a renovation project doesn’t mean you will recoup ...

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