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With winter weather gripping most of the country the fireplace takes on greater importance in the sale of a home. The National Association of REALTORS® recently conducted a survey that found nearly two-thirds of homebuyers had a fireplace on their wish list. The fireplace has become a coveted ame...
Chilly weather in North Georgia is here, and cold weather is just around the corner. Perform the following maintenance tips each fall to protect your property's value and prevent major repairs.  Roof, Gutters and Downspouts Rain, ice, snow and wind can all cause damage to your roof and gutters. N...
Every homebuyer has a vision of their perfect house and the rooms that are most important to them. Because of their relatively small size in comparison to the rest of a home, bathrooms are often overlooked in the staging process, but for many, it could be the most important room in a buying decis...
I am always amazed by home sellers who have children. Some of them think buyers will just have to get used to the mess. Wrong. Any distractions to the buyer detract from the selling process, especially Junior biting them on the ankle. There is always the safety concern of the proverbial roller sk...
Mortgage lenders dissect the entire credit history of a potential client with strict attention to income, credit, collateral and assets. Of the four, assets are perhaps the least discussed yet may be the most important in securing credit and buying a home.             Simply put, assets include t...
  In my ongoing search to satisfy my curiosity about how real estate is “doing” in Pickens County, I came across some interesting information. It loosely falls in line with the latest forecast by the National Association of Realtors.   I remember reading in 2007 that someone had predicted home pr...
One of the most important jobs for your real estate agent is to determine the value of your home by developing a Comparable Market Analysis, which will be used in pricing the home for the right amount.             If your property isn’t attracting serious shoppers, your agent may recommend that y...

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