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I contacted the MLS yesterday. They are investigating the matter but seem reasonably sure that my claim is correct. It is strictly against their compliance rules. The wholesale diabursement of what is intended to be proprietary information is bad enough, but there are security issues as well. Wha...
             It never ceases to amaze me what I see when showing homes. Some folks' idea of chic is pretty bizarre. Getting some education in staging can allow you to council with sellers about what they think is "cool". Or hire a staging professional if you need more help, but don't be afraid t...
I got a call last week from a builder friend who was looking for property for his client. The builder is hard working and honest. The property he asked about was a sixty acre tract, but they only wanted about ten. Of course, they only wanted to pay the sixty acre price for ten. That's where my ra...
I was showing homes to a client last week. He seemed to be unusually well prepared for every home he saw. It was puzzling me how he came up with so much detailed information so quickly. He seemed to have all the information I could provide before I could even provide it. He even asked me once wha...
On January 25th, Fed Chairman Bernanke announced that interest rates were going to be held at the current rate through the end of 2014. He was specifically speaking about the federal funds rate which is the rate the Fed lends money to banks. Most consumers assume that interest rates and mortgage ...
Friends often share holidays, vacation together and are there for all the important moments in life. So, why not buy a home together?             An increasing number of consumers are considering joint ownership. Such as transaction makes sense, as it can help those who may not have been able to ...
One important decision homebuyers face is whether to secure a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage or go for a 15-year one, which carries a lower interest rate.             “All things equal, a 15-year mortgage allows you to pay off your mortgage twice as fast while saving a significant chunk of money on...
I loved my mother, but she was not the most optimistic person in my life. From the time she was 52 years old, she proclaimed every year that this would be her last Christmas. Well, by the time she was 83 she was finally right about her prediction. Being a little theatrical might have played into ...

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