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We used to have a Golden Retriever. Love that dog, and she loved us. The only problem was that although she was limited in her access to our home, all retriever breeds emit oils to their skin to aid in shedding water, and that oil gets on furniture and carpets. They also shed like crazy. After be...
Here are a mare and philly owned by my clients in Floyd County, GA. Two very sweet ladies. Eighty beautiful acres for sale.  
Any home stager will tell you that “staging is staging” and the principals remain the same throughout the year—keep things clean, clutter free and colorful. But that doesn’t mean each season comes without its own brand of staging magic. For spring, there are a number of things you can do both ins...
I have a listing in a nice moderately priced neighborhood. It is in great shape. It is priced well. The lot is great. So an agent wanted to show it. They really liked it, but there were two cars parked in the grass across the street ... on Saturday afternoon. They thought that was "tacky". Well I...
One of the hardest jobs on God's earth is listing a professional builder's home. I don't care what the market is like, they always operate with the motto "if I built it, they will come". You also get a two hour tour, and the lecture about how this home is so superior to the one down the street bu...
People downsize for a variety of reasons, from the “empty nest” syndrome to convenience or hardship. Here are a few things to consider as you contemplate moving to a smaller home. “Before any move, focus on how you want to live. People don’t think enough about why they’re moving,” said Mary Jo Ze...
With all the hoopla about how we need to respond like lightening to our clients, I started using text messaging on yard signs, as well as QR codes to receive more information. Something funny happens with the texting. It works. It even works pretty well. But instead of standing in front of the ho...
Yesterday my broker called to ask me to take over a listing from an agent who is going to sit on the side for awhile. The listing is set to expire next week. There is supposedly another agent who wants to see the house today. Only know her first name so I can't dig in to the story much. I asked f...

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