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When trying to sell a home in a slow market, you have some incentives to offer buyers to encourage them to act now instead of waiting forever for the market to turn against them. These include paying closing costs, HOA dues, offering a broker selling bonus, simply lowering the asking price, or bu...
I have a client looking for a rental. He's all over the place, but that's another story. This is about my journey through rental listings. Obviously rental property is at a premium right now if it's priced reasonably, and is in a good school district. What I found yesterday is either shocking, in...
I quit watching the news. Occasionally, I’ll tune in for the latest mushroom treatment (instructions for raising mushrooms are much the same as being a news reporter … keep them in the dark and feed them lots of, uh, stuff). I figure if a tsunami is about to strike Talking Rock, there is someone ...
I was just daydreaming about a day many years ago when I was hunting turkeys. It was a gorgeous spring morning and I was just-a-blowin’ away on that call. I had a gobbler coming in very close, and I was really impressed at what a master turkey hunter I had become. Glowing in success, I decided to...
Get ready for a laugh. Asked my short sale client to send me the usual. 90 days bank statements, pay stubs, personal financial, balance sheet, etc. He says to me "Why do we have to give them all that stuff?" I said "Look at it as an update of the information you provided with your loan applicatio...

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