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  You may love your home, but that doesn’t mean that everyone coming through the door will feel the same way. What may be “charming” to the seller may seem off-putting to a prospective buyer. Many sellers attempt to stage their home themselves and, in doing so, create mistakes that can actually s...
Past and current military personnel looking for financing in today’s more stringent mortgage environment can take advantage of the VA loan program, which has been available for more than six decades to help members of the military own their own homes. The program, established in 1944 as part of ...
Today’s home buyers are often thinking about a home’s technology advantages as much as they are its floorplan, square footage and location.             A recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association of real estate agents showed that home-theater systems, home security systems, home autom...
I am convinced that the real estate market will rebound in 2012! For years we have been whistling in the dark during the "500 year flood" the market has endured. We've never been through anything like that, and a large number of real estate agents decided to do something else for fun and entertai...
One of the great debates in real estate concerns the prospect of keeping a house on the market during the holiday season. Some argue that the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is busy enough without the worry of buying a home, while proponents like the prospects since those shopping ar...

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