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As I write two days before we carve the bird, I am pondering the things I should be thankful for that happened this year. I survived back surgery, have generally good health, and feel better than I have in a long time. I have a great family and a lot of friends to share life and bring me happines...
After months of searching countless homes, finding the perfect one, negotiating price and finally agreeing to a deal, a sale can still fall apart over a disagreement about curtains. There are a couple of ways to ensure this doesn’t happen up front.   When striking a deal to sell a home, it’s impo...
People are coming from all over the country to see a new attraction in Pickens County called Gibbs Gardens. We are fortunate to live in a naturally beautiful area in the Blueridge Mountain foothills, but the addition of Gibbs to our area is a bonus! The 292 acre gardens opened for business in Mar...
In Pickens County, we tend to become too lackadaisical about home security. Many leave their doors unlocked all the time. However, crime never goes on vacation, and we are not in Camelot. Last year a local artist lost a painting in a display booth during Jasper ArtFest, in broad daylight during t...
I have had some weird things happen to me over the ten years I've been in real estate, but last week was a doozey. I typically do not attach lockboxes to the front door, because we live in a very laid back trouble free area. No one could use the stolen box without the codes, and they would probab...
In thinking about the new year, I checked on a lease purchase I did a couple of years ago that will have the option coming up in 2013. Very interesting how these play out in the end. If by the grace of God, the buyers actually elect to exercise the option for a change, I expect the appraisal will...
It never ceases to amaze me how normally intelligent people do not understand surveys, covenants, and by-laws. I am on the board of our home owners association. (I know what you're thinking, but by psychiatrist was on vacation when I agreed to serve.) We live in a gated community that is pretty h...
I got an inquiry from my website about buying some land. No name. No phone. No address. Just some vague guidance on what they guy may (or may not really) be looking to purchase. My tendency, if I have time, is to play this silly game to see if the "prospect" wises up quickly. I might also mention...

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