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Do some lenders ever learn what to do with short sales? We have an offer on a short sale that has been waffling around since May 29. The lender is "prominent" and has the word "bank" in their name. We could not understand for our lives how they could be so close minded about the offer. Without go...
Ya', ya', ya' I know all about working hard. I read articles on working hard. Hear testimony on working hard. I was raised to work hard, believe in working hard, and I work hard. However, when I get to the point that I resent people expecting me to work hard, it's time to reboot the system. Some ...
In behalf of all the people who are scared of rats, please stop killing snakes! Snakes are beneficial creatures who kill rats, mice, and a lot of other critters who are far more harmful. There was a period of time when I used to kill all of them too, but then I learned about the "beneficial" ones...
An old friend told me a story one time about traveling through Nevada. They stopped at a diner to eat, and on the way in, they ran into the late great comedian Flip Wilson. He was at the height of his popularity at the time, and no one seemed to notice him.  My friend asked him if he would take a...
  Awhile back, I explored as far back as we can retrieve data, to determine if we have one season that is better than another for selling homes in Pickens County. The average results over eight years show that December through January is our slowest season by far, probably due to the holidays and...
Anyone in the real estate business recognizes "B of A" or "BOA" for Bank of America. I'm starting to think of them as "Bank of Anxiety" because all they seem to be involved in lately is giving short sale participants heartburn! As a second mortgage holder on a short sale, they should feel lucky t...

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