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I have a philosophy about being a Realtor® ... NO ONE EVER SOLD A HOUSE. But Ron, you say, I just sold a house last week. I can show you where MLS has it's status as sold, so you're wrong. Let me ask you, did you sell it, or did you set the stage for someone to become interested in buying it? We ...
My daughter has a friend who decided to start selling homes in Buckhead for a high end company. Buckhead is on the north side of Atlanta, and is considered to be where the really old money lives ... like the ones in Tom Wolfe's book "A Man in Full". She was telling me awhile back how much money y...
I saw a post several days ago about do's and don'ts in real estate. Generally I agreed with the content until it was mentioned that when choosing an agent, the public would be best served to avoid anyone using an actual paper contract. Carrying a file folder is tantamount to showing clients aroun...
With the recent death of an Arkansas agent, there is a lot of buzz about agent safety and carrying weapons when showing. Of course the incident is sad and deplorable, but we can be in danger and need to be safety conscious all the time. Prior to the Arkansas killing, we recently had a man walk in...
If you owned a home in Miami, would you call an agent from Atlanta to list it for sale? If you answered yes to this question, you can stop reading this and go to the classifieds or something. If you’re still reading I assume you would not hire an agent from Atlanta to list a home in Florida. Why...

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