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I have to admit I don't watch presidential debates. It's a lot like watching football for three hours to see fifteen minutes of actual play, only boring. I usually read a book or something. Then when the smoke has cleared, I let the media geniuses give me the "cliff notes" version.From what I've ...
After suffering through what was at least arguably the worst real estate correction in history, most of the surrounding county markets seem to be coming back. For some reason, Pickens is trailing behind. Following are three charts to illustrate (residential listings only): This chart represents t...
I just had a birthday. I won’t say how old I am, but while I am not older than dirt, I was there when the shovel was invented. We didn’t have iPhones, and email, and text messages. In fact we didn’t have laptops. Now than I think back, we didn’t even have computers! The first thing I remember bei...
So during the democrat debate, Hillary was asked what would make her different than Obama. Her answer was that she was a woman ... and later he brought it up again.So is Carley Fiorina. Now let's try it again.I don't care if you're a parakeet, what are you going to do to get us out of this mess? ...
“Second verse, same as the first!” ~ Herman’s Hermits Why do all politicians sound the same? I usually don’t watch candidate debates on TV because it is, in my humble opinion, a waste of time. If I read a book I might actually be entertained or learn something. However, while getting in the fridg...
In order to earn a paycheck, a local "journalist" who writes some kind of "economic advice" column or blog or whatever, was featured by one of our local fish wrappers. It was another attempt to convince the public that they really don't need to use a real estate agent, and that agents are overpai...

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