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Great advice for new and old Realtors® as well. When you start losing the client, start asking questions and then SHUT UP for the answeres! You're Only As Good As the Questions You Ask Think about it... One of your long-time referral partners gives you the contact information for a potential buye...
Still do it myself. It gets me some business and is worth the money! Smart real estate marketing often consists of doing what everyone else is not doing.  When you copy what everyone else is doing, you don't stand out, you become pigeonholed with all "those" real estate agents and companies.   On...
An excellent post from someone who has the same view of buyer agents as I have. As long as you're getting paid to be there, go ahead and do your job! Simply stated, it seems to me that many buyer agents do not accept the responsibility of verifying information provided by the listing agent. What ...
To agents giving me feedback: Of course this house is dated! If it were not dated I'd price it at the average price of a 5 bed 3 bath home in Bent Tree, which is currently $334,087. I promise you it would look like new if you spent $114K on a makeover! Please tell your clients there are no $335K ...

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