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This image was passed along to me the other day ...... it got me thinkingThere is a double entendre' in this message. Be careful what you put on any social media post, for even the most inocuous sleight can cause you problems. I admit the President makes me uncomfortable with some of his Tweets, ...
Let me preface this post by saying I would be remiss if I did not share this information with all of the naysayers of Open House Events.  I call every Open House an event because we make it an event.  When you attempt to meet a challenge “head-on,” you must have a strong push off the blocks. Pri...
   "There is going to come a time,  when there is a right eye doctor and a left eye doctor....things have become soooooo specialized."   I have to agree says she who has 3 "regular gal", the exodontist...gotta love those root canals....and the implant specialist.       Each speci...
How often have you been talking to someone and realized they aren't listening to you? When I got my instructors license for real estate 5 years ago I came to realize that a lot of people hear you talking, but don't listen to what you are saying.  As an instructor I had to overcome people hearing...
Whether business is slow, you are getting over a cold, or you're just in a post-holiday slump, there are some simple ways to realign yourself with the good in the universe!   1) Music!! The type of music you listen to can immediately put you in a better mood. Whether it's hard rock, reggae, gosp...

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