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Now that you’ve chosen a real estate professional to sell your home, you’ll need to work together to complete a listing agreement. This legally binding contract authorizes a broker and his or her real estate professionals to find a buyer for your home, according to the conditions specified in the...
Consider these two scenarios:A) Robert has accepted a job in another state. Although his home has not sold, Robert must leave soon because his start date is in a few weeks.B) Diane built her dream home across town. She expected her present home to have sold before completion, but it is still on t...
Maybe it has something to do with a childhood home we fondly remember. Many of us long for old homes built with solid construction, quality craftsmanship and beautiful details. We wax poetic and wistfully recall the hand carvings, plaster walls and eyebrow dormers of homes we’ve known. On the oth...
We now have an entire generation, born since the middle ‘80’s, that believes they are entitled to mortgage rates just above free. Ironically, they were actually born when mortgage rates ran as high as 18%! During the Carter administration, if you had a 7% mortgage, you were not only lucky, you we...
I can't believe how many prolific bloggers we have on The Rain! Not only that, but most of the articles are carefully written and thoughtful. Spelling could sometimes improve, but an educated student of literature and its creation once told me to get the thought out and worry about spelling later...
I’ve had laryngitis for a couple of days. I only had it once before in my life, and that was in high school. It’s rather inconvenient, especially for someone who supposedly talks to work. Since I’m not contagious, I decided to go ahead with a prelisting appointment. I found out that I learn more ...
In the real estate business, we endeavor to enhance our business by building relationships. It’s much more complicated than just selling the house. We treat our clients with respect of course, and we unashamedly suck up to our prospects, and it’s usually wise to get on the good side of your boss....
After over 40 years of trying, the book may now become a TV miniseries!If you have never read "Atlas Shrugged", you should do so now. You owe it to yourself to help interpret some of the difficulties we are facing today. I know it's long, but it's also riveting!
Between real estate law and the code of ethics, it’s very easy to step out of your comfort zone. Does anyone remember the part about putting your client’s best interest above your own? How about the part on staying within your field of expertise? If you do single family residential homes as your ...
I have to admit I don't watch presidential debates. It's a lot like watching football for three hours to see fifteen minutes of actual play, only boring. I usually read a book or something. Then when the smoke has cleared, I let the media geniuses give me the "cliff notes" version.From what I've ...

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