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Every now and again Forbes magazine assembles what it calls its “top financial brain power” to comment on a topic of interest. Late last week, the topic was real estate—more specifically, the answer to the question, “Is the Real Estate Market Still Healthy?” Speaking for our Henry County real est...
By the beginning of Henry County’s new week, Monday’s eclipse had been so thoroughly chronicled as having been “99 years in the making!” you could be forgiven for any anxiety that might result if you’d been unable to arrange to be where viewing was best. After all, we’ve been hearing from all co...
When you think about it, it was to be expected: the pace of house flipping activity in communities all over the country almost had to quicken. The market made it all but inevitable—in places where prices are on the rise while inventories remain tight, the conditions are right.A “house flip” in He...
 When it comes to the reality of pricing a home in Henry County, it’s natural that buyer’s and seller’s points of view reflect their different roles and objective. In a way, they are mirror images of each another.From the seller’s point of view, pricing their Henry County home starts out from the...
Last week, following the Fed’s hike in the rates they charge banks, you might expect a matching rise in mortgage rates for Henry County home buyers and refi applicants. If the experts are right, that’s far from a done deal. The Washington Post headline said it all: “Mortgage rates move slightly h...
You’re excited to be searching for a home in Henry County. Your parents are probably excited about your house hunt, too. They want the best for you—what parent wouldn’t want to offer their best wisdom and counsel during the house hunt?Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible for that very same best ...
 I don’t know about you, but when I used to hear the term “affordable housing” I’d think of value-priced Henry County condominium listings, some of the nicer area mobile home parks, or maybe fixer-uppers likely to be snatched up by professional house flippers (ultimately to become slightly less a...
Owning your own Henry County home is, for most of us, a goal that’s been with us so long we don’t even question it. In addition to the economic advantages that come with Henry County real estate ownership, there are, for most, a host of corresponding emotional benefits—the sense of security and “...
Henry County readers who frequently check in here may recall the inquiry into whether there really is a single best time to buy a house—and if so, when that might be. The answer was October 8. At least that was what the researchers at RealtyTrac deduced after reviewing millions of home and condo ...
 When it’s one of those weekend days when the Henry County weather has refused to cooperate with outdoor plans, one way to fill the idle time is to go online in search of home improvement ideas. You may not follow through with any for your own Henry County home—but it’s amusing to review the almo...

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