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Redding real estate, buying a home in Redding or Shasta County, or just wanting an unofficial appraisal...let us help. From residential to commercial, we know and sell a lot of real estate in the North State. Convenience Stores, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Mini Storage, Gas Stations
In case you did not read about this...this was in the Redding, CA Recoord Searchlight paper this morning, and is a sad person bringing down a company...with Keller Williams Realty leadership knowing about the charges...sad, but true. From the Redding Record Searchlight, David Benda, ...
Lou Tice at the Pacific Institute is a great business leader and motivator…this is what he says about Goals in his encouragement today… In order to move ahead, to reach goals that we have set for ourselves, we need to make the future picture of what we want more inviting, more attractive, more ne...
A Jumbo Loan is a mortgage with a loan amount exceeding the conforming loan limits set by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO), and therefore, not eligible to be purchased, guaranteed or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. OFHEO sets the conforming loan limit size on a...
With many commercial real estate owners, this is a question that can now be asked. A few years ago, lenders were not too interested in "re-financing", as they could offer better loans through a new a new loan was made. And, at the time, these loans were at the going market rate...proba...
As we complete the celebrations of Christmas and start to think abou the new year, which will be upon us shortly....for those os you that are involved in commercial real estate, think about the incredible state of financing that we are in how...interest rates below 5%...low points...and plenty of...
Ocean Pacific Capital is 30 year old real estate finance corporation specializing in all types of residential and commercial mortgage loans. With a core focus on apartment loans, ranging from loan amounts of $500,000 to $800 million plus, we can create a custom financing solution for you. We have...
The SBA is the Small Business Administration which was established in 1953 after the Small Business Act was introduced. It was established to aid, counsel, assist, and to protect the interest of the small business. Their programs now include financial and federal contract procurement assistance, ...
As with the Cap Rate...the Gross Rent Multiplier is another measurement of the value of an income producing property...and again, this can be a major factor for a buyer, a lender...and certainly the appraiser. As a lender, we try to make it as simple as possible, and as understanding as possible....
Often times we will get a buyer of an investment property....lots of questions, and mostly good ones. One good question that keeps coming up, especially with newer investors...What is the Cap Rate? What cap rates are on the recent sales? So, here is a definition of a Cap of the best th...
Extreme Health Weekend in Redding, CA Edit By ronlargent Leave a Comment Categories: Uncategorized Running outdoors in the fresh air reinvigorates the mind as well as the body. You will find that not only your physical energy levels will be enhanced but that you will enjoy a feeling of well being...

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