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Redding real estate, buying a home in Redding or Shasta County, or just wanting an unofficial appraisal...let us help. From residential to commercial, we know and sell a lot of real estate in the North State. Convenience Stores, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Mini Storage, Gas Stations
Our company specializes in selling homes that were taken over by the banks......for various reasons. Some of these homes are excellent buys. We coordinate the entire process, and our office manager makes it easy to get these homes into contract.Contact me and we can get you a list of these homes....
A client recently asked me to look for a Mobile Home Park for him, and living in California, that is where we looked. What we found was a very nice selection of Parks.....he offered on one and we are waiting. But, if you or your clients are interested in Mobile Home Parks....but it is not in your...
Effective January 1st...I am the Northern California agent for Viking Cruises, and am very pleased with this opportunity. We just completed our 3rd Viking Cruise...and I am now "a believer" in Viking. They are great. No wonder they are consistently rated #1 among the Cruise lines.Viking Cruises, ...
Our great trip with Viking River Cruises continues today as we leave Vienna, Austria...going up the Danube River...all of the details in my blog at  Make our trips on Viking known to your clients if they want that special trip, or even a special gift from their agent...
Here is the ultimate gift and experience for you and your clients. I have all of the details on the blog. Suffice it to say that Viking River and Ocean Cruises deserve to be # 1...they are the greatest, and I will list all of the upcoming trips on my web page when I return. In the meantime...go t...
Another great day in Budapest, Hungary...this is a wonderful city to visit...and see all of the details of our trip in my daily blog.....go to the web page......and you will see it all..
We are enjoying ourselves in Budapest, Hungary.....if you would like a daily "blow by blow" for your information or for your clients that may be coming blog is at to the Blog...and read on...a great trip so far. 
If you are interested in our Trip to Europe, either for yourself, or your clients....I keep a Daily Blog of each day, starting with Budapest, Hungary...for the full details...go to my web site   and then look at the web page blog. Enjoy the trip...http://ronlargenttravel...
Your Ticket to the Very Best in Golf Events!The Masters, The British Open, Ryder CupOne or Many: Ron Largent Travel provides complete individual, family or group sports travel experiences to the most exciting major Golf events worldwide.Flexible Operations: We specialize in flexible golf tour pac...
The holidays are right around the corner and RON LARGENT TRAVEL has everything you need for the sports fanatic on your list! We've left no stone unturned in search of the Ultimate Gameday Experience and are now offering you the first chance to secure these limited, once-in-a-lifetime sports expe...

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