How CURB's 100% Commission Brokerage Model StartedSeveral years ago a friend had asked me to sell a property for him. At the time I was taking a long sabitical from real estate and my license was on ice.  So before I listed the property I thought, why should I give a bunch of my commission away t...
It's official, 100% Commission flat fee virtual online real estate brokerages are here to stay - and they are growing lickity-split !  And now the big box companies; Coldwell Banker, ReMax, Century 21, etc, are dying and no longer able to keep their younger tech savy agents, as these agents know ...
  Real estate brokerages100% Commission real estate brokeragesHow to Choose a 100% Commission Online California Real Estate Broker April 11,   At first glance most " one hundred percent " flat fee virtual online brokerages " all seem the same.You hang your license with ...
Nowadays if you take a look inside any real estate office you will find it mostly void of agents, becaue most realtors now work from home. ..Why is that ?  The internet has leveled the playing field of available information, so now old traditional real estate companies really no longer have anyth...
A one hundred percent commission / flat fee agency is great, but what about training ?Some new real estate agents try to reason that working with a traditional style brokerage and paying thousands and thosands of dollars of their commission, is for the training the old school style brokerages off...
It was only a matter of time until 100% commission flat fee brokerages made their way into the age old business model of doing real estate. There isn't much business left anymore that isn't conducted online. Who would have thought just a few years ago what we'd be doing online; buying insurance, ...

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