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Water heaters in the attic   I've never really understood water heaters that are in the attic.  The attic is cramped already, most of the time.  It's hard to get to because it's usually behind the A/C and furnace units.  And the kicker is that if there is a problem, you'll never know it until it...
Foreclosure Properties in Katy Texas   I get asked quite a bit about foreclosure properties in the Katy area.  The idea is that a foreclosure can be purchased at a very deep discount. The national media portrays a real estate market that is overrun with foreclosure properties which does not fit ...
Playing in the rain finally took on a new meaning yesterday! Yep, we finally got some relief from the 100+ degree weather and the firefighters got some help as the rain came down yesterday. Still looking for some today, but it seems slow in coming...thunder, but no wet stuff yet!I see the foreca...
Those that stop by this blog very often are used to finding helpful general information, maybe some tips to help agents along, information for home buyers and sellers and some personal introspection.  But lately, I've posted a lot of information about LOCAL subdivisions and local property inform...
Governors Place is located just off of I-10 and Grand Parkway Highway 99., in Katy Texas.   Governors Place is comprised of 504 homes and at any given time, you'll find 5-10 homes for sale or lease there.Values run from about $140,000 to about $260,000 depending on the size and location in the s...
Many people come to Katy and invariably, I always hear "what about Cinco Ranch"?It's pretty tough to keep Cinco Ranch a secret, not that anyone would want to, but it's been growing and developing for over 20 years now.   Having started with 5,000 acres back in 1984 and having grown within the la...
TxDoT has broken ground in preparation for their new $320M expansion project which will connect US 59 to US 290. While Grand Parkway, Highway 99 is still under construction, adding connector overpasses to allow easier access from 99 to I-10, the new project is set to begin right away and the con...
Nottingham Country, located in Katy Texas is a well established neighborhood that has see very stable values and appreciation over the last couple of years.   For more information about Nottingham Country, just click HERE to go to the main Texas Choice Realty web site.   For all the homes for sa...
Firethorne is a great neighborhood, just south of Interstate 10 and just south of Katy High School.   There are many resale as well as new construction and lots waiting to be built upon in Firethorne!Be careful though, Firethorne is one of those funny subdivisions that fall into two different sc...
Ok, let's get this out there.  I love sports.  More precisely I love professional sports. I'm a fan of the NFL and a good NASCAR race can't be beat.   I also love to follow the political discussion.So what if we were able to combine the two? When you watch NASCAR,   there is no question about wh...

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