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Tonight was my 5 year old daughter's "Orientation" to Kindergarten at her new school!Afterwards, I picked up my teenage daughter and we headed over to SWEET THINGS ICE CREAM SHOPPE in Katy, just across from the Katy Mills Mall and next to CiCis pizza! What a great treat!   We had been here once ...
I read an article this morning that was entitled  The 10 Housing Markets That Will Collapse This Year.I thought, that's a pretty bold statment...I'm not much into the whole prediction of doom and gloom stuff.The long and short of it was that they took the Case-Shiller index and then mixed in a b...
I love the dollar store!  There I said it.  I KNOW the stuff in the dollar store is generally not that great...some stuff is a great deal.  The bread my family likes is available at the 99 Cents Only Store for, you guessed it, only 99 CENTS.  At Kroger, it runs $2.79!  So we stock up on bread at...
 A couple of months ago, I was listening to Michael Garfield on the radio...you know, the HIGH TECH TEXAN. One of his advertisements was that "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle" and that he is an Eagle Scout.  I enjoyed my years in scouting and am proud that I earned the rank of Eagle Scout many ye...
How can you sell a product when you don't believe in the product?Recently, the founder of FOR SALE BY OWNER (dot) com was selling his house.   Of course he initially tried to sell his New York Condo on his own, after all, it's easy, right? So as Mr. Colby Sambrotto tried in vain to sell his home...
Recently, I had a couple call me and ask if they could see one of my listings.To be sure, I LIKE for people to see my listings! They went on to tell me that they were at the property with their agent and wondering how they could see the property. =====>REDFLAG I explained to the person on the ph...
I've talked to a lot of people recently who have had their homes listed on the market since about the first of the year. To be honest, traffic has been REALLY slow but picking up steadily and I'd say NOW we're hitting full stride. One listing I have, had 12 showings in 3 months...we had 10 showi...
A weightlifter lifts, a marathon runner runs...   A real estate agent has a certain set of skills that are required to do their job.  These skills are learned and you're not born with them.  No one pops out as a baby and people say "hey,  look at that...a REALTOR®!" So what makes the difference ...
Many years ago, Gutters on a home were considered a "luxury". Over time, they became a necessity.  Now I'm seeing only SELECTIVE gutter placement on most new homes and not all the way around. Talking with a roofer recently, he said that many times, when the pull off the roof and facia, the GUTTE...
Handling short sales from Sugar Land, Katy, Cypress and Houston, I've found one thing to be CONSTANT. A short sale is NEVER short.  It's a misnomer if I've ever seen one...sort of like the STREAMLINE name associated with the FHA 203K Loan for buying and rehabbing properties...It just isn't true....

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