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Agent advertising is extremely diverse.  There are more ways for an agent to sell themselves in an ad then I could care to count. Some recent ads that I've seen really have me scratching my head and wondering if the general public would either understand what the agent was saying OR whether the ...
You're not like the OTHER girl I met... I was talking to a client the other day and we were discussing some options on staging to which I told him that I would be glad to provide him with a referral or two for good stagers that I have worked with.  The wife laughed and said that would be good be...
I hear it all the time....I hear how it's virtually impossible to buy a home and be sitting with EQUITY in it. Well, that's probably true most of the time because if you have purchased a home with equity in it, the seller left it on the table for you. HOWEVER, there is a way to come up with a pl...
So you've been trying to sell your property and finally "AN OFFER" comes in! Should you be excited? Scared? Offended? Well, probably none of the above.  It's time to take off the homeowner hat that you've worn for the last however many years you've owned your home and it's time to put on your BU...
11031 Hilltop Park Cypress, TX 77433 Like NEW with many upgrades! Home Photo Gallery Virtual Tour Property Map Payment Info Request Showing Contact Me Ron Tarvin, Broker Broker, 523428 Direct or Text:(281) 935-7152 Website:Visit Website Price : $340,000 Bedrooms : 4 Bathrooms : 3.5 Square Foot :...
An icon while I was growing up, in the world of professional wrestling was RANDY, THE MACHO MAN, SAVAGE and I just found out that he was killed about an hour ago in a car accident in Tampa Florida.   Randy Savage apparently suffered a heart attack while driving, ran across a median and collided ...
The rain came yesterday and hopefully helped to put the fires to rest for a bit on the power lines! It wasn't enough to be honest, but I think we're all grateful none the less! I don't see rain in the future for at least another week but I've got a fail proof plan to make it work.   I'm going to...
It's been SO LONG since the HOUSTON area has had any rain and they say that today may be the day! I'm hopeful. However, I wanted to put this out there so that if we don't get rain soon, people can be aware of a very dangerous problem that is happening around the city and suburbs due to lack of r...
Occasionally I come across news of young men obtaining the rank of EAGLE SCOUT with the Boy Scouts Of America and it still takes me back. As an Eagle Scout myself, I remember that it was a LOT of work, a lot of responsibility and it was a tremendous accomplishment to get there.  My Eagle Scout p...
Recently while surfing the web, I noticed a website of a fellow agent (not in my area) who had this really cool flash into to his website.  Of course, right before it loaded, there was a SKIP INTRO button presented and I'd have to say that most, just like me, pressed that button and skipped it. ...

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