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What REALLY sells a house?When you hire a real estate agent to sell your home, you are hiring a marketing professional. Yes, it is true we are trained and take classes in many different subjects dealing from the obscure to the very important, but ultimately, when you hire an agent, you are sayin...
Recently, one of my sellers accepted an offer for their home.  We executed the contract and sent it over to the title company with the earnest money, aka good faith deposit. A short time later, the buyer's agent came back to me and requested to terminate the contract and asked for the earnest mo...
Well, Happy Mother's Day. I have to admit, we made it a two day affair with trying to do some fun stuff with the immediate family yesterday and then the normal extended family lunch on Sunday! My daughter has been looking forward to Mother's day for a couple of weeks now when she could let her m...
I was thinking last night, as I was inundated with advertising messages of various companies, that NONE of them really stick out as having PURPOSE. Yeah, the BMW ad makes me feel like I wanna go drive in the winding, tree lined roads of who knows where and the Wranglers ad makes me think I shoul...
Are you an IDIOT REALTOR?   In this business you have to have pretty thick skin so it's not often that someone's email or reply to a question gets to me.  However, when someone goes out of their way to make me feel like my intellegence, experience and advice to my client  is inconsequential,  we...
National Train Day is celebrated on May 7, 2011! Now, most probably think, 'what's the big deal'?  But those in the know also know that Katy wouldn't be Katy without the 'train! You see,  back in 1870 the railroad coming into Texas linked Missouri, Kansas and Texas and was known as the MKT.  It ...
Rent VS Own  Should I rent?  Does it make sense to OWN?  What are the upsides and downsides to each scenario? I hear these types of questions and discussions all the time.  Not just at work, but whenever anyone sees me out and about at a party or where ever.  The answer on whether someone should...
When Good People work in Bad Places Sometimes good People work in bad places... no I don't mean that the place is bad as in evil or immoral or illegal...just that they excel at providing substandard or poor service! So you've probably run into some of these folks in your day to day activities su...
Today started off pretty much like any other day.  Got up and got ready, got the kids off to school and daycare and got right to work...or so I thought.  As I was leaving the driveway for the day, I noticed that someone had come and done some new landscaping work in our yard! (by the way, anyone...
Cheesiest Real Estate Slogans Sometimes, CHEESY sells!  Mostly when we're talking about enchiladas or maybe chilli dogs, but yeah, sometimes Cheesy DOES sell! So I was thinking...what't the Cheesiest Real Estate Slogan you have ever come across? One of the most often used and overplayed has to b...

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