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Real Estate and Home Staging information from professional home stagers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
All realtors want their listings to stand out to buyers online. At least 90% of buyers are shopping ONLINE first before they even make arrangements to visit a home so its vital that pictures stand out - in a good way - to buyers. I'm sure you can imagine how it works - buyers (most often the wife...
Lighting is a vital part of any type of design. Whether its for staging or re-design, having adequate and style appropriate lighting is essential. You can create a beautiful design but if the lamps or light fixtures don't fit with the style of the space, they will stick out like sore thumbs. This...
As a professional home stager, I can't count how many times I have heard this statement from home owners and realtors alike. They want to try to avoid investing in staging and they think if they have de-cluttered a little, set the table and mowed the lawn .. voila! They are good to go. Well somet...
When I first started blogging here on AR, I'll be honest, I loved seeing everyone's picture next to their blog articles so I could get a sense of who was speaking. I wanted to do the same but I also felt that as this picture was going to represent me and my company, it had to be professional. My ...
In June, Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design was contacted by UrbanEra Homes about a new condo project they were planning to launch in September 2010. We had worked with this builder/developer last year, decorating their two model homes for the Village Park on Harvest Lane project in Delhi, ON....
Great post by pro stager Janice Ankrett.  This is all about how prepared you are to do what it takes to successfully sell your home. I was at an open house today and the agent told us that the owner was an artist so the house had been personalized with lots of his painting. I mentally steeled mys...
As a professional home stager, I can talk at length and even slip into lecture mode when it comes to explaining why the condition and appearance of the home have to justify the property's list price so that buyers will pay the seller's price.  When I was doing some research on this topic I came a...
  I was driving in the car today and listening to the radio when an ad came on for How Realtors Help homeowners sell their homes. I understand and agree that Realtors are excellent guides for the home selling process. They deal with people and situations that homeowners shouldn’t have to and they...
GREAT post! This exactly what home staging is all about. Staging = simplicityHappened to be home when Oprah was on this afternoon. The topic was Makeunders. Women who needed less not more. But this also applies to homes. Nate Berkus did a room Makeunder and it inspired me!Every home that goes on ...
My partner Alana and I were hired by the home owner of a truly stunning home to do a complete make-over and staging of his impressive home. The property had been on the market since early January 2010 and was listed in 'as is' condition. The house didn't sell. As we often tell our clients, the h...

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