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Real Estate and Home Staging information from professional home stagers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.
  Over the past few weekends, I have been travelling down to my hometown of Burlington to help my mom recover from major surgery. Amidst all the things I’m doing to help her, I have found time to go to a number of open houses – hey, its a passion of mine – and see what’s available. I’ve seen some...
After being told several times over the past few months that one of the main reasons realtors opt to not call us is because their listings are already "nicely or professionally decorated", we decided to do some homework. Over the past few weeks, my partner and I have had the opportunity to go th...
In our line of work and because we deal so much with people, we collect stories which we feature in our "Adventures in Staging" portion of our monthly newsletter. Our adventures detail our experiences and usually provide an underlying message for clients and REA's reading them. This actual event ...
As I'm sure many of you are aware, home staging has been picked as 2010's hottest career with the most growth potential. This is probably not news to most of us - and for more established stagers or staging companies, how are you responding to inquiries from aspiring stagers about mentoring possi...
Last year, my partner and I were hired by a local developer to stage their model homes. We worked tirelessly with the builder to create two stunning & entirely different designs and feel we succeeded. We chose to decorate the home with simple, yet stunning furniture and accessories which allowed ...
Last year, we were called in by a savvy home owner to do a consult on her home before she put it up for sale. The home itself was impressive from the start and we knew with some simple changes, fresh paint and staging that house couldn't fail to wow buyers! Today we staged the home and we are thr...
A few months ago my partner and I were asked to do a consultation on a large home in very exclusive area of Kitchener. The realtor who asked for our assistance said that while the home was impressive, the furnishings were not. It needed help. We recommended a lot of things from paint to rental fu...
My partner Alana and I started our business nineteen months ago with a great combination of design background/experience, an inventory of home decor accessories .. and a passion for making spaces beautiful. We were lucky and landed some great contracts right away and with lots of smart marketing,...
I am very pleased to announce that my partner and I have a new logo and website! When we started our business just over a year ago, we chose a standard logo and I designed and wrote our website. It worked really well for us however over the past few months it has become more important to us to sh...
My last post was about home staging from the point of view of the seller. I tried to illustrate the fact that sellers while they might have a glamorized idea of what home staging is, they don't really understand how it works. In addition, it's vital that home stagers understand a seller's anxiety...

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