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With the volume of short sales out in the market, it has sparked my brain to get a few tips out to my fellow colleagues.  For many when a buyer writes an offer on a short sale we continue to look for "better" properties in the mean time as many short sales will not work out.  Many have even start...
Here is a great list that can help with evaluating homes for FHA financing buyers: FHA Appraiser ChecklistWhen viewing a property, an appraiser is required to note those repairs necessary to make the property compliant with FHA's minimum property requirements. The appraiser determines whether rep...
Two of the hardest hit zip codes; 55411 and 55106 in the Twin Cities have been given money to get home buyers back in the area. Home buyers looking to buy a home in St. Paul's Dayton's Bluff neighborhood, 55106 or North Minneapolis neighborhoods like Willard Hay, Near North, Hawthorne, and Jordan...
A recent artical announced a new grant program to qualifying buyers, buying West St. Paul.  This new grant is on a first come basis and funds are limited.  There are no income restrictions.  The buyer must purchase a foreclosed property, be owner occupied, and live in the home for a minimum of 5 ...
I should practice what I preach.  The other day we started up the dishwasher and ran off to do what ever we needed to do.  An hour or so later I came into the kitchen and stepped on the rug by the sink...my foot was wet!  Looking around I saw the whole counter was wet and water was on the floor. ...
To follow up with my last post about multiple offers here is a little stat that makes sense why we are running to that situation.  A few weeks ago our multiple listing services connected with BookAShowing (sweet system by the way) You click on all the homes you want to set up, click BookAShowing ...
As the market heats up and starts to turn around, unfortunately it is sometimes impossible to avoid multiple offers.  In the last month my clients have been involved in a handful of multiple offers.  I have also show many properties that sold in just a few days.  Had they wrote offers, more multi...
Here is a list of a few items you can replace in your home that over a few months or years will pay for it's self and save you money: Programmable Thermostat - $115 initial cost, $180 annual savings.  Paid off in 7 months New Shower Heads - $180 initial cost, $200 annual savings. Paid off in 11 m...
Well, it has been a busy last few weeks, a little lax on the blogs lately, but here is some information that might be useful to many.  One thing I would like to mention as I get asked a lot is about down payment grant programs. One program recently revealed is called the Minneapolis Advantage.  T...
Earlier this month it was announced at the annual "Family Reunion" this time in Orlando Florida that Keller Williams Realty is now the 3rd largest real estate franchise in the U.S. as it passed ReMax.  Keller Williams now has a total of 72,794 agents through 2008.  Keller Williams started in 198...

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