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I thought that there were some interesting ideas in this video:  ...
It is a buyer's market, but it won't last forever. If you have been sitting on the fence waiting for the right time to buy, it is time to see the light and make the offer on the property that you want! A buyer's agent will act as your advocate and can help to ensure that you are getting the very ...
Conductive Conditions are matters of circumstance, elements of the way the property is situated with respect to the environment that encourage the dreaded wood destroying pests and organism to move in, or are otherwise lead to structural decay or deterioration of your home.  This is why it is so ...
The Charleston Trident Association of REALTORS® (CTAR) has named David Kent the 2008 REALTOR® of the Year.   He is a 14-year veteran of the real estate industry and the Broker in Charge / Co-Owner of The Real Buyer's Agent, Charleston's first exclusive buyer's agent brokerage.                    ...
Being an exclusive buyer's agent, I think that buyer representation is extremely important. For this reason I am a member of both the National Buyer's Agent Association (NBAA) and the National Association of Exclusive Buyer's Agents (NAEBA). Both organizations promote buyer's agency and act as re...
With the amount of inventory in many parts of the country and low interest rates many buyer's can pick up some great deals in today's market. The potential to make a good investment is there but the buyer still needs to make a smart pick when it comes to location. As many people have found out th...
Cold weather is definitely on it's way. According to an article posted for Money Watch by Sara Sargent: "The average U.S. household can expect fuel expenditures to increase $585 versus the October 2007-March 2008 season, according to the Energy Information Administration." Over 8 million American...
The single biggest factor in deciding if renting or owning is the right decision is how long you plan on staying in an area. Of course there are other factors to consider, such as credit scores, financing, and time.  After weighing the odds, if you think that you are ready to but an exclusive buy...
The most obvious way not to lose your home to foreclosure is by always making your payment on time.  That's a given, but sometimes, things happen.  As a growing number of borrowers fall behind on their mortgage payments more people are seeking help on how to avoid losing their homes.  If you fall...
Housing Upgrades That Don't Pay Before you getting started on a major renovation project to give a house your special signature, consider how long you're likely to stay in the house. A lot of people get into trouble by going into a home they're only going to be in for a relatively short period of...

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