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"Staging" is a professional presentation of a home for sale.  Staging increases a home's value, thereby helping the seller obtain a higher sales price, and getting the home sold quicker.  Professional stagers arrange furniture and accessories to help buyers visualize themselves living in the home...
Are you worried about your privacy?  What about guarding your identity?  "Privacy is the first casualty of the Information Age." says J.J. Luna, author of "How to be Invisible". "Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Name, Your Credit, and Your Vital Information...and What to Do When Someone Hijack...
Before you hire someone to perform a job for you, what do you do?  Interview them of course!  I fully expect buyers and sellers to interview me, and I'm prepared.  Here are some of the most frequent interview questions and my answers: Question: What areas do you cover?  What do you specialize in?...
SELLERS:  Put more $$ in your pocket!  Ending up with more money at closing is what counts.  Increase your selling price more than the cost of the improvements needed to sell your house. This booklet will show you what to do (and what not to do) to earn top dollar:
HOLD IT!  Before you purchase that item online, can you save a buck or two?  Can you get a discount code online?  There's amazing bargains and coupons on almost every item and at many stores!  Try the following links to stop around for the cheap discount bargain rates: www.Ch...
Vesting of your property title may seem like a minor decision now, but it has a critical effect on your taxes, your inheritance, and your financial future.  When purchasing or refinancing your property, you must decide how you will hold title before escrow closes.  Consult your attorney and accou...
At our church's New Year's Watch service, our enthsiastic friend Sister Mary announced, "Let your light SHINE in 2009!"  Truly a divine word of inspiration.  Since then, I've written that simple, yet profound phrase to many folks I've corresponded with online.  It's an encouragement to us all. To...
I figured that when (not IF) the FSBO seller gets discouraged, they'll call ME as a professional.  But even better, all those buyers who look at their house, guess who's going to get those referrals?  You betcha, it's ME! To highlight my friend Anthony Kirlew's new service:
In the olden days of real estate (before the internet), cold calling was a staple of every real estate office.  Not that it netted a lot of business -- it was simply a task given to a newbie agent to see how much rejection they could handle.  Do you like telemarketers calling you during your few ...
More and more online networking sites are popping up, often known as social media.  Do you Twitter?  How many Linkedin connections do you have?  What's your ActiveRain score?  And really, do any of these work to get you actual business?  The bottom line is that NONE of these sites alone will get ...

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