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Real estate tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and homeowners on California's coast.
As we discussed earlier, everything is negotiable!  One thing you always want is a home warranty.  Why not get one FREE from the seller?  After all, the sellers do not want you to have any problems with the house after you buy it.  It is to their advantage to pay for your new home warranty!  Ask ...
Return to the REALTOR®”s office or stop at a coffee shop to write your offer.The office may be a long distance away, so may stop at a coffee shop or diner instead.  Besides, all this house hunting has made everyone hungry so maybe you’ll get a bite to eat while writing up your offer.Or you can go...
Photos at Deeper into Pipes, with Inspections and Solutions Trap A curved plumbing pipe required to be installed in drains to avoid toxic sewer odors from seeping into the home.  Sinks have a “P” trap underneath, while toilets have an “S”...
If so, then she has already been providing you with a great service at no charge!  If you are lucky enough to already have a REALTOR® who has kept you updated with the current listings, then you should strongly consider working with this real estate agent.  After all, she has taken the time to he...
Neighborhoods with high rates of ownership are more stable, have less crime and better schools.  Why?  Because home owners CARE.  They have a vested interest in their community.Important things you can do to take care of your new home include: Regular preventive maintenance to avoid things from b...
Do NOT purchase an automobile or make any other major purchases on credit.When you apply for credit before your loan is funded, you risk your loan being denied and therefore jeopardize your home purchase.  Remember, the lender is going to pull your credit again shortly before closing, and examine...
Living out in the country may seem like the ideal dream home.  But rural property may not be a good choice for your first starter home.  Land requires a lot of time and effort to maintain, and property upkeep can turn into a full-time job.  Living “off the grid” is quite a challenging lifestyle b...
One of the biggest mistakes that new homebuyers sometimes make is purchasing new furniture, electronics, or appliances.  A homebuyer may get so excited about her new home, that he will purchase furniture or appliances for the new home.  Perhaps the homebuyer wants new electronics, such as a telev...
Why does your REALTOR® advise you to offer a fair price?  Why does he request a quick turnaround time for the offer approval? Until the seller accepts your offer, he or she can continue to review and accept other offers. The quicker you get your offer approved, the less chance that another buyer ...
A great financial advisor can help you look at your overall budget and recommend strategies to help you increase your income, protect your assets, and plan for the future. Some financial planners also advise you regarding life insurance, estate planning, and investing in securities. Look for a pr...

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