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Real estate tips and advice for home buyers, sellers, and homeowners on California's coast.
By Regina P. BrownPhotos at you love the country?  Green rolling hills, giant trees, animals roaming, crops thriving, and breath-taking starry skies at night amidst peace and quiet.  If so, consider specializing in selling rural proper...
Wow, that is hard! You saw so many homes you loved, how do you narrow down your list to your #1 top choice?  Here are a few tips: Review your notes Compare the features of each house Consider the style and design you like best Talk with each other and your Realtor® Figure out how much fix-up work...
Your “winners” list will include houses that are in good condition, fit your price range, and meet 85% of your “wish list” criteria:Number the houses (1, 2, 3, etc.) according to which ones you like the most.Now that you’ve spent an entire day house hunting, or maybe even a couple of weekends, it...
What are the reasons NOT to get your hopes up too high in the beginning of the escrow? Many transactions “fall out” of escrow and you may be disappointed So you can make a good business decision to cancel your contract if needed Keep a backup plan for the other houses you liked Many transactions ...
Vacant homes can be shown at any time during daylight hours, as long as the listing agent has put an accessible lockbox on the house.  Homes that are currently occupied by the sellers will need some advance notice so they can leave the house and you can view it privately.  Houses that are occupie...
By Regina P. BrownWhile we typically would not check “under the hood” of a house, we do verify that the visual components are available and appear to be in good condition. Here is a primer for real estate professionals who want to know what’s going on behind the walls when they need to advise the...
Homeownership is a different mentality from renting.  We are going to switch our mentality from being a renter to being a homeowner. A renter relies on the landlord to pay all the bills on the property and to maintain the exterior and the structural aspects of the home.When you are a renter, you ...
Avoid wasted time by selecting only the homes you really want to see with your REALTOR®.The challenge is NOT to waste your time viewing the inside of homes that you do not like from the outside. Your time is limited, and your time with your REALTOR® is even more limited.Remember, your real estate...
By Regina P. BrownWhen you walk into a home with a prospective buyer, their eyes are often drawn up and they never notice the floor — unless it’s exceptional. But wouldn’t you agree that whether fabulous or lackluster, flooring sets the tone for a house’s interior design. Subliminally, the floor ...
Home ownership may mean learning how to do repairs yourself.  It may mean finding reliable contractors.  It may mean calling your brother-in-law, the handyman, to come help you in exchange for a barbecue dinner.  Buildings and yards require maintenance, so you are going to have a little bit diffe...

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